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Original article (French):  The Launch of Neighbourhood Watch

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The head of Neighbourhood Watch is Thomas Gallenne. Email him at [email protected] to join!

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Across the nation crime is of concern to citizens in cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas. Increasingly, citizens and Police Services realize that neither one can eradicate crime working separately. Neighbours, businesses and other concerned citizens, working cooperatively with Police Services, can have a positive effect.

Neighbourhood Crime Prevention: A Joint Responsibility

nw2The prevention of crime – particularly crime involving residential neighbourhoods’ – is a responsibility that must be shared equally by Police Services and private citizens. The fact is, the impact on crime prevention by Police Services alone is minimal when compared with the power of private citizens working with Police Services and other stakeholders.
“The more participants from the community, the greater unity we create, thereby, collectively showing that we can combat crime and violence within our neighbourhoods.”

What Neighbourhood Watch is

Neighbourhood Watch is an extension of what you are probably already doing on an informal basis. We tend to know and watch out for our closest neighbours. A group at one end of the block, however, may not know another family who resides at the opposite end of the block. Organizing a Neighbourhood Watch makes this attitude of watchfulness more systematic in nature. You are provided with a Neighbourhood Watch brochure including neighbours names and telephone numbers so that it may be used during situations of emergency or non-emergency.

Neighbourhood Watch involves

  • A commitment to improve your home security
  • A commitment to be concerned about your neighbours property as well as your own. After all, a watchful neighbour is the best burglar alarm !
  • A commitment to report any crime that is occurring and any suspicious activity to the police and then to your neighbours. Talk to your neighbours keep them abreast of current crime trends and crime prevention techniques.
  • A commitment in increasing and perfecting communication with your neighbours

What Neighbourhood Watch isn’t

  • Neighbourhood Watch does not require you to perform any special tasks, go to a lot of meetings or take on extra responsibilities.
  • You don’t have to patrol the neighbourhood or chase burglars. Neighbourhood Watch just involves being alert as part of your everyday life. For example, when you go to the window to open or close the drapes, instead of just opening or closing them and turning away, you might stop for a second and do a 180 degree sweep of your neighbourhood to ensure that everything is as it should be.
  • Being a part of Neighbourhood Watch does not require you to know your neighbours business. All that is required is that you be familiar enough with your neighbours to be aware of who belongs and who doesn’t. Although, you should let your immediate neighbours know that you are going away on vacation and such. When your Watch works well, your neighbours will Watch your home, take our the garbage if needed, take the mail….making sure that the home does not look like anyway is away.
  • Neighbourhood Watch isn’t just for home owners. The program can be effective in City and Country settings, Town homes, Condos, Trailer Homes and Apartment buildings as well as on streets of Single Family homes. One aspect of the program – upgrading home security – can be implemented even if you do not own your home. You should contact your landlord regarding the installation of any new home security devices, however, to obtain their co-operation.

Join Neighbourhood Watch

The head of Neighbourhood Watch is Thomas Gallenne. Email him at [email protected] to join!