Removal of the smart meter for only $15

Nov 22, 2014

News bulletin
Opting out!
Leaflet to print and distribute: Removal of the smart meter for only $15. 
Please note that the information below is not meant for people who succeeded in keeping their old meter and don’t have to pay any fees but for the ones who now have a smart meter on their homes.
Phone calls to Hydro-Quebec and the Board of Energy enabled us to learn that no letter is sent to inform citizens that the fees have been reduced for those who refuse the smart meter and choose the non-communicating one; only a short message is added on the invoice. However, the majority of citizens living in municipalities where the deployment had already taken place and those having received a letter ( informing them that their meter is about to be changed) just before the reduced fees were approved still ignore that they can opt-out for $15 until January 3rd.
Once again, it is up to the citizens who are well informed to make sure that the rest of the population receives in time all the pertinent information. A news bulletin has been sent to you a month ago, asking that you transmit the information about the reduced fees. Press releases have also been sent. However, we believe that an additional effort is necessary so that a greater number of people are better informed.
We hope we can count on your help; in order to facilitate the task of those who would like to collaborate, we are including a leaflet which can be printed and distributed in your neighborhood or elsewhere. To this end, various ways can be used: distribution door-to-door or at the entrance of stores, churches, community centers, posting leaflets on boards in pharmacies or supermarkets, etc. Some merchants would maybe accept to place a pile of leaflets on a counter. Besides, it is important to inform also the merchants about this. If you prefer, another way to help us would be to simply broach the subject on your personal outings to a restaurant, a store, a bank ; pointing out that the removal of the smart meter can be beneficial for  employees as well as for customers and leaving them a leaflet.
We have to say clearly that we do not want to be exposed unnecessarily in all the places we go to. The office of Canada Post located in Saanichton, B.C  is now without WI-FI following the request of an electrosensitive customer.
Every step is important! Invite your friends and neighbors to participate in this collective effort which is essential to avoid being overexposed in our neighborhoods.
Thanks again for your invaluable support! 

Véronique Riopel / Francine Lajoie
Compteurs intelligents et porte-paroles francophones
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